tumblr_lefqviGK6q1qbpwzeo1_500I really enjoy this quote because as I see it, I am a writer starving for my words to gain attention.  I really “Wish you were here but you’re there and there doesn’t know how lucky, it is.”  Do all writers feel this way when they put themselves and their work out there?

Well I believe my writing will be the tell all of who I am.  But this blogs purpose was to help me get better, help me gain a following, and mostly be in communication with other like minded individuals.  I hope to find you in my quest, and hopefully we can build a great relationship in writing.

I guess when it comes down to it, the metes and bones of it all, I would like to be remembered for, my writing, my photography, and entrepreneur/businessman. (not the mediocre day job that I have now that pays the bills, so sad but that will change one day)

Thank you for checking the page out.  And I hope to hear from you when we hopefully, eventually cross paths in writing.


22 responses to “JMDLEFLORE

  1. Wow I am so honored I will look into how to respond and do so as quickly as possible. This would be the first, and the only way I could say thank you would be to accept and comply. I am so happy that you have enjoyed my blog, its great to know that its appreciated.

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  2. Thank you so much for checking my work out and enjoying it enough to comment and recognize. As soon as I get my thoughts together I will put it all together and respond. Again thank you!

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  3. I truly am happy that you stopped by and felt compelled enough to nominate me. Of course its ok, Ive been slacking a bit but I will pick it up here. So we will be getting to know each other soon through our writings!

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  4. Hey, man really like your writing tips and random thoughts sections. There seems to be a problem with them commenting section of your posts. I cannot like or comment on any posts.

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  5. Thanks for the comment! I will have to look into why these post aren’t allowing you to comment. Hopefully I will figure it out soon!


  6. Thanks so much and I feel honored to be in your favorites category. I can’t tell you when I will respond to your award , just know I will hopefully it won’t be long 😄

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