Dear Desiree

gladiolus-1569312How are you my doing today.  I hope this letter finds you doing well.  I guess I am cutting this one pretty close right.  The end of the month, as always never because I forgot about you and my commitment, its just been one of those crazy months.  So lets jump in.

Just to give you an overview, although me and your grandfather are kinda working to patch up our history his birthday was on the 23rd, then your lovely mother and I hold our special day on the 24th, and then yours truly has his birthday on the 26th. And that is just the beginning.

I have been in these LSAT prep classes to prepare me for the road I am taking next in the study of law. These classes aren’t brutal, but timing is. I mean waking up at 5 AM and then making it home by midnight, the constant studying playing with you and of course work is draining at times. Plus I like to try my hand at dinner most days and that has been a real struggle. But “without struggle there is no progress.” that is something that I try to remind myself of. In order to get where your trying to go you have to do things that you normally wouldn’t do.

As for the poem book I am working on, its coming along, I haven’t really figured out how to share my works with the world and keep some for the book but ive been using instagram the social media site to just kinda get some writing out. This sight is way too dangerous when i am at work, I probably wouldn’t even.

I was promoted at work go figure that, i lined up a couple of photo shoots this month so the photography business is doing what its supposed to do and the publishing company, well that all has to do with me writing and figuring out a number of other things but I am in a good place I think.

The one thing that I can say constantly is that wow, I am growing tired, its funny we think of how people do certain things, and then when the going gets tough and your in the middle of adversity, one always finds a way to make it work. Of course there’s a little bit or maybe a lot of sacrifice involved but what are you going to do.

Its fun to have your Mema down for a few months. We don’t really get to spend time with each other now that I am in New York. It was fun to have her your mom and you all present for my birthday, I only wish my sister could have been around it would have completed the circle its been about 16 years since i got to be around immediate family for my birthday so I am just enjoying this time.

You on the other hand enjoying life we got you up to speed on potty training, but you like to go hide and do your business alone. Haven’t quite gravitated towards letting us know when you have to go drop one. But if you have to pee you are on it. I guess its just something that will eventually happen when your ready, but you are so bright, you light up all of our lives.

Well I got a few other things to post so if this ole trusty dusty wordpress site is still up and running when you are of age to actually understand any of this feel free to check out what your dad shares. I got some words here that you might enjoy.

Its getting pretty late now on a Friday so I am going to have to cut this one short so I can make a batch of food for us. But until I get a moment again and if I haven’t told you today enough, know that I love you, we love you and that will never change.

with all my love



2 responses to “Dear Desiree

  1. 😀 LOVED this, J. It’s the equivalent to hauling out the picture of the baby naked on the bearskin rug! I’m sure she’s going to give you what for when she reads it years from now. LOL My gosh you have a LOT on your plate! You’re all over the place! Hang in there. Hold on to what little time you have with Desiree at the moment. {{{J}}}

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  2. Thanks so much, I feel like I wasted time before Desiree now I’m in the driver seat trying to accomplish all I wanted now that she’s hear. Talk about motivation, time for her I’ll always have sleep may have to go lol. Thanks my friend for your lovely comments I appreciate and cherish them as I do you 🤓

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