My Dear Desiree

I hope this letter finds you well.  I have fell behind in my writing to you lately, or shall I say last year, but I have grown committed to at least writing you a letter each month.

The reason I fell behind, is I am working on a few projects that took a considerable amount of time and brain power to just initiate.  I have found that I can be very distracted when my mind and eyes are not zeroed in on the prize and for that I apologize.

You will forever always be the heart of me, and as I heard it somewhere once you cannot live without your heart.

So hopefully by the time you are able to read this and want to learn more about me, I will have ultimately achieved a goal.  I always wanted to do something that you could be proud of, and I am learning  still about myself.  When I tell you we change every day this could be a massive understatement.

The reason I write these letters to you again is, I’ve looked at what others are able to share with their children and I found it amazing that dancers, would dance with their children, actors, they act, builders build etcetera, etcetera, I actually love writing, not even sure how good at it I am but I can share this with you and work on something I love to do at the same time,  must be a win win right.  Plus no matter what you want in life practice always makes perfect.

Any who you probably want to know what has gotten me away from writing you like originally planned.  Well I have opened up a publishing house “Le Flore Press” currently in the fundraising phase, and I wanted to commit to a couple of projects.  The first book will be a poem book by none other your favorite man “daddy” just in case you had wonder.

So a lot of time and planning has went into that adventure, I’ve been working on my photography as that will be a component of the entity as well.  Plus I am working on trying to get into law school.  I get anxiety for test that seem to decide futures.  No matter how confident I am at the task at hand there’s always that little silvery feeling that distracts me when I’m nervous so I have to get comfortable which takes me some time.

Hopefully again by the time your able to read and understand this you will see the fruits of my labor.

Other than that I am feeling quite refreshed. This year if all goes as planned (which there always seem to be a bump in the road) I have a lot to look forward to, and so should you.

While I would love more than anything to say that I am doing it for you…truth is I am doing it because of you, these are two different aspects in this as you are my motivation and it took you to come into my life for me to finally declare it.

Because of you, I am embarking on a journey I have long thought lost as I just tried to survive and navigate through life the best I could.  And it was you that gave me the most confidence in myself and my abilities.  Where talk was not talk anymore, now I am applying myself to be who I always known and thought myself to be.

Now when you look at me I hope you see a father with attributes you admire and look to model after, I am sure the same is for your mother, look at us and create that blueprint for yourself on how to be the best you.  Take our experiences our down falls whatever it maybe that you think you could improve upon and do it, be the best you that you can be because we have always tried to master being the best that we could be.

I believe that we are shaped by our experiences in this world.  A major part of that is your childhood what you see of me and your mother.  If I can be the best me that I can be, and your mother the best she can be, hopefully that will become a part of you and you will strive to be the best that you can be. The hardest part to life in being better is having the will to do better.

I forever and always hope that I am doing better, because in the end what that little bit means for me and everyone around me is that, you will be better because of me and your mother.

Again I hope this letter finds you doing well, and that you know without a doubt the love that I have for you is far beyond the realm of life and its dimensions.

Jamarow Le Flore


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2 responses to “My Dear Desiree

  1. Beautiful letter, as usual, J. A publishing house??? How wonderful! You’ll have to let us know how it’s getting on. This is so exciting. And what a wonderful legacy it would be or Desiree.

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