Broken (Revisited)

Today I wanted, I needed
not to want
To feel without thinking
I wanted to see creations of love
one that acts
or reacts first for the sole benefit of me
Asking all questions later-much later
I needed for you to relinquish
any questions at all. Today I needed you to be
everything I
knew you to be, and only for a brief moment.
to be held in baring arms enduring comfort
today I needed to be pampered
not just physically but mentally
I needed our third-eye recognition to whisper softly – I got you
A sense of strength that I could muster and borrow when I’m empty
today I didn’t want to ask for you to neglect your priorities
I needed you to, I needed your focus
to be on me – I needed you
to see what I needed and be it
Now today is lost with breadths of confusion
comfort in any imaginable way has waned
Today I was found searching
for you to be my light and instead I endowed darkness
so forgive me for being, and I’ll forgive you
for being,I understand one has no control over the other
especially in matters of personal need
forgive me for being selfish too
no matter when it happens we want avowal
so forgive us for trespassing
when we do and we don’t


2 responses to “Broken (Revisited)

  1. Needing what you were needing is exactly where I was this morning. Your poem hit really close to home. I love the outright honesty about it. The good in us AND the bad. This is a special one, J…

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