Dear Desiree

Dearest Desiree,

I hope all is well. I have a lot to say this go around as a lot has transpired. But first, I want to talk about your birthstone Peridot. I always wanted to provide you with something special, with a deeper meaning so over the years if you are ever wondering why I have been giving you light green trinkets or little doohickeys here is why:

You see on the spiritual side of things, under whichever moon or start we are assigned birthstones, the month of August obviously is Peridot. Before you were born I did a little research on your birthstone, its meaning, or something that maybe I could learn more about the person you would be become etc… Anyhow when I researched the Peridot stone, I found that this stone deals with the manifestation of all desires. Having this stone in its non corrupt most pure form (meaning not tainted by modern day machines) is supposed to increase your confidence and assertiveness, which is also balanced out by clarity and patiences of thought.

Once you were born I bought myself a little charm I wanted in, besides I thought it would be a cool connection when you get older. So from the day that you were born I thought I would by you natural charms and gems anything that I can find for each special occasion and birthday as a connection to you and so forth. This is why you have so much green surrounding you. And this is the reason you see all sorts of green flowers on my post to you and some of your trinkets around the house. I may add that the color absolutely looks stunning on you.

Moving on, I want to talk about motivation. You see I always misplaced my motivation with determination and action. I am realizing that now anyways. I’ve hardly been the lazy type always have a plan to put in action, but I am learning what my motivation is. You see another thing that I try to share with you is writing. Its the one thing that I have not been able to give up in any circumstance, and in most cases my writings can share more with you on my thought process than I probably could verbally. I would rather sit back and listen and soak in what people are saying than speak methodically and inspirationally. I would hope my writing would suffice for that. Also in writing you these letters I am actually practicing my craft. Finally on a good schedule to write you once a month. By the time you read these letters or collection of letters I hope you see amazing growth in me and understand how I tried to be there for you, and most of all be me for you. It is so hard to distinguish parents from the actual person so I hope this helps.

What does this have to do with motivation, well everything because since you were born I have even more of a desire to leave you something worth while, I have an even better need to be the type of person I always wanted to be because I know that everything that I do when I am around you, or not is not only a representation of me teaching you, but a teaching of actions that will be always solidified in your mind. So in order to be great and do great, I have to try and live up to my definition so one day you can live up to yours or believe me when I tell you of my journey. You see a family to me is so much more than what you see on the outside looking in but also vice versa. I want you to be proud of me and for me to convey that I have to be proud of myself.

With that said, I have to tell you what I have been working on, I’ve always had my dream to be a business owner and on 2/12/2016 our name, our brand has been registered and recognized as an official entity of business “Le Flore Press” I was so excited about this, because I am one step closer to achieving what I always wanted I have put things in motion and now my talents and genius will really be tested. The good part about this is regardless what anyone else says about this accomplishment, I have full control on whether its successful. And this is in ever sense of the word.

What this means for you hopefully is that I will have a little bit more to leave behind. A legacy, an opportunity,most of all a chance. But that means I have to work hard, it also may mean that some of our time will have to together will be cut short because while I believe there is no such thing as hard work, work is needed continuously to build something from the ground up. Something I want you to know from this is you too can go after your dreams and goals. Simply all you need is to know what it is that you want, your purpose.

Moving on I just wanted to highlight the things that you have done in February that you haven’t done before and I wanted to appreciate and notice your growth.
1) You started saying No! this is amazing I finally know what you want dont want, you like and what you dont like, I am sure once this honeymoon with the word is over I will not appreciate it that much.
2) We were playing around and you told me to stop playing with you a certain way. You said “Stop Daddy” amazing, kind of hurt my feelings because I thought we were having fun, but you stood up for yourself told me to stop and then gave me a hug and kiss because you must have felt my sad energy.
3) You are trying your darnedest to feed yourself, for the most part you like our assistance but someday you have to make sure we know your trying to take care of yourself, your personality is really booming.
4) You are so loveable, some say this is a problem and that I should stop you from hugging complete strangers, but the world needs a little more love and why should I stop you from dishing out the love. It may make some uncomfortable but hopefully it will open them up. When you get older I will teach you about stranger danger, but as long as I am around best believe that no one will hurt you and well just leave it at that.
5) Your trying to hold conversations on the phone with family and friends, not more waiving hi on the phone you say hello, not more waiving by you say bye, and you have a language that I have determined yet but we are working on it together.

Well I told you this one would be a bit longer but I hope you appreciate it. the love is always real and will be forever.

Love Always,



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