Photo Project| Front-Lighting 45 Degree angle

I just wanted to share with you a project I am working on for a photography course I’m in. I have six shots that I have to think of.  The first set being an outdoor shot using available front-lighting at a forty-five degree angle.  Not sure if I did these close to right but the sun was out a bit today and I gave it a try.  Really looking for feed back and what you all think.  Minus the silhouette shot of the beach line, I just really liked that one.  But your feedback would be greatly appreciated if you have any tips I’m all ears or eyes 🙂


10 responses to “Photo Project| Front-Lighting 45 Degree angle

  1. Thanks for saying that. I have really been struggling with this explanation so as it was told to me by a fellow student

    “When you look at the world around you, you may notice, how the changing position of the sun relative to your subject changes the representation of your subject. One example is, if you choose a subject you can walk all the way around, and such see the subject lighted from all different directions.

    Some subjects gets specially enhanced by certain types of light. Curved and round forms tends to be enhanced by 45 degree lighting, either from front or from behind. If you think of the moon, it is an example on how the quarter moon receives light, and how this light defines it’s round shape. If you view an orange, a round shaped statue or any other round or curvy subject in 45 degree light, it will pronounce the round shapes in the same way.”

    I was trying to get away from the traditional class shot and experiment with landscapes but I think I lost the point of the project, so I will attempt again.

    I am thrilled that you liked them all I feel like my photography is getting a better each time I take the camera out, I am happy to see that one agrees 🙂

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  2. I don’t know if you have the time to experiment but something that might help is to find a roundish object outside (you mentioned that round shapes are good for definition) and photograph that object from the same spot several times during the day including the sun at 45 degrees to get a feel for what the sun’s position does to a subject. Of course the “golden light” is dusk and dawn. You are doing great by the way.

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  3. I can find the time but the last two days have been overcast and rainy, I guess it’s coming from the storm that just hit the Florida / Mississippi area. Yeah I need to try that I guess I’m always in a rush to do the advanced stuff. Thanks again for your compliments it really does help knowing that if I missed the mark the photos are still nice to view 😁

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