Not all love is made
sexually. Some believe
its mental vigor.


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  1. My son would second that. It was the mental vigor that pulled them together via the internet. The rest of it didn’t work out quite so well. Married almost nine years, living apart for the last five, and still no divorce or meeting half way. I don’t get it.

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  2. As I once heard in from one of my favorite movies. Its not that we fall out of love, but that we exhaust the possibilities of work we will have to put in. I too have to remember that its a two way street to keep it going one person cant handle it all on their own, it can get very tiresome.

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  3. And sometimes we start putting up walls between us — even for stupid reasons — and they get so high, and we climb and nearly make it to the top to climb over only to slip and fall back down where we lay on the ground exhausted.

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