Journal Entry No. 2| 2016

It’s weird that although I may not post all the time, I find myself writing. When I am not writing I am thinking about it, and when I am not thinking about it, I journey off to thoughts on how I can help create a platform for all these other beautiful voices to be heard.

I struggle to identify what my purpose should be, I can tell you it definitely isnt this 9-5 (actually 8 to 8) supporting another persons dream that does not directly align with mine. It can be quite dehydrating mentally to not fulfill your purpose. Which often has me thinking are you even living?

So thats thought number one.

Number two, well I have been inspired, I live an inspired life reading all these bloggers words, which puts me in more of a mood to write, but for the life of me titles have been my downfall. Now some of the bloggers are really using this site as a way to keep writing. My intentions are to gain readership, learn, grow practice and create. I also do photography to (even more of an amateur with that than I am with writing)however, I have been to lazy to get out in shoot due to the weather. I see a lot of beautiful things but never have my camera with me….

Any who back to the titles, since I write what I am thinking based on what I read and many other outside influences sometimes I just have to get it out. I want to have a surreal title for all my words but nothing strikes me then I think that maybe, just maybe the words will carry their own weight and that I dont need to define it with a title. I mean it could really turn someone away, and Ill say it again I yearn for the need of readers to follow and connect with me.

I depend on you to depend on me. Then we have the doubt, am I a great writer? probably not yet but I want to be. If I really enjoy what I am writing then how does one know if their writings stink? And if they stunk would someone just outright tell you or are we all just trying to help people make believe.

Oh well I guess I will take these thoughts to sleep with me. Again just felt like writing a few thoughts. Maybe one day when I come back to this I will have a few answers. Until then I really do hope you enjoy my thoughts. There will certainly be more to come.


2 responses to “Journal Entry No. 2| 2016

  1. dehydrating mentally And emotionally, I might add. Perhaps you need to change your focus for your blog and just enjoy writing your thoughts. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable your words are so inspiring. I’m wondering if just having a number for a title might turn some folks away? I often want a clue as to what a blog is about before I spend the time to go there. Something to think about.

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