My first try at blank verse, let me know what you think.  Don’t know what I was trying to say was moreso just trying to nail the form:

Her voice is like the heavens angel song,
whispering the tune of seasons change.
Candy to my ears and heart, making me
sing along. If she ever discovers my
lust she may just run away in disgust.

The form is supposed to be in iambic pentameter. Really quite
difficult for me. I guess I should try another when I know what
I want to say. Hope you like.


5 responses to “

  1. Actually it was WRITING 201: Poetry I bombed. Sorry. I guess I’ve never really connected with classical forms of poetry. They have always made me feel like I’m missing something I should be understanding, hidden meanings, need for interpretation. I think that’s why I just scribble down thoughts without worrying about the vehicle. AND I don’t have patience for working with them. But give me a Sudoku and I can spend hours on it till I get it right.


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