Your Home Away From Home

So the challenge wants to know,

What do you wish others would
take with them after meeting with you?

It always takes me a while to respond to people when they are speaking with me.  Most will think, its because I am completely not paying attention to them.  I cant really blame them though, any given word any one says to me, or that I’ve heard in the background, is a definite flight lesson in my mind to take off on a tangent.

But what do I really want people to know after they come in contact with me,  first off I wish that they would know that I am very interested in everything that they say.  That I am attentively listening, screening, thinking, and trying to formulate some type of opinion or feed back.  Most times my function is to be the listener.

Second, I want them to feel inspired after talking to me.  I am actually one of the few people that believe that if you want something bad enough you can achieve it.  I dont think that there is any reason why any one of us should not go after our dreams, whether it be a job, or embarking on a whole entirely different journey all together.

I want someone to feel that they belong when they are in contact with me (Home away from Home).  You don’t have to lie to kick it, or make up some grand story.  I obviously can do that myself, but there is always  in the back of my mind a reason for two people to connect, you know that we were destined to meet for some grandeur scheme whether its a guy on the subway, the street, work, or blog site.  We probably can offer each other more than we think.

But I guess a long story short I want them to leave feeling like if they needed to vent, it was accomplished, if they were gossipy, the gossip was accomplished most of all that they mattered and that I took the time to notice them in a crowd of faces moving at warp speed.


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5 responses to “Your Home Away From Home

  1. …that they mattered… I think that’s the most important thing you brought up. It’s the thing we ALL need to feel at our core — that we matter, at least to someone. Terrific answer, J. And thanks again for this prompt.

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