The World Around Me

We’ve experienced great joy
laughter so loud
boisterous echoes thundering across realms
even those that eyes dare to see
we also see it not
We’ve experienced pain
spilled blood
physical wounds
deprived hearts
and all the actions it brings
death by emotion missing in action
we kill for happiness too
things we wish not to see
We’ve paid homage to
self afflictions
resisting freedom of our own kin
skinned by the fear of our
own imaginings
trapped life in a bottle with no opening
thinking perhaps we’re all the same
making us truly insane
We’ve shared our words
depictions of emotional factions
images recording cultures and stances
writings on the wall
our own bible of deeds
but no one dare live by
its teachings
theres no surviving life
not even through bloodlines
nor the money
you can have this greed
I cant take it with me
I’m working to be the best
I can be
and maybe, just maybe
I can contribute to the world
a change by changing
as far as my eyes can see

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