I don’t want to do this
the pain from these stains awaken
great misery
not physically
the mentally draining kind
the days you put on a search for your soul
questioning your heart
type roller coaster ride
bargaining with your conscious
easing the moment of awareness
to soften your picture perfect clarity
of life
hours of combing through chapters of complex textures
of compressed life
trapped in the essence
of achieving societal misguided approvals
Tired of wishing I had
saved face, instead I
misplaced being
stacking my true identity on a ship full of meaning
I sit at the light house daily watching it sail out completely
hoping to fit in a world
this world
this place
filled with bouquets of personalities
wishing they would find me worthy
displaced I look to the mirror
chasing the signatures beloved by many
cars, clothes, money and hoes
impressive to those who really lack something
the pupils of my eyes traded in souls for glory
wondering if my sins sinned,
could my holy ever be holy
yet in the end Im still left
searching for that unique place
where my face fits in and out
of open space


8 responses to “Journeys

  1. I love when that connection is made! And I certainly appreciate the compliment, especially coming from you as a fellow writer. Thanks again 🙂

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  2. I read your stuff and it always amazes me that as different as our backgrounds probably are (like country mouse and city mouse) we can still feel so much the same inside. I think it’s one of the wonders of the human spirit.

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  3. You are absolutely right. I have been quoting Paulo Coelho a lot this week, but it speaks of a universal language, one where we are communicating in the silence of our words. Its weird though that if we all spoke a different language its true that we would more or less be able to identify ones mood.

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