glowing dahlia
loving, longing, yielding
reserve armor for its passion


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  1. I think when it comes to freeverse, you can really capture what you want to say because there no restrictions. When your dealing with any type of form, ones that require syllables, words ending with ing, adjectives, and phrases you have to be even more creative as to not compromise what you want to say. The words you use create the feeling and feeling is what I ultimately strive for when I write. I hope that there is a deeper connection than the story or point of the writing that my followers connect with. There is an admiration for words and their use, admiration for the connection, admiration for inspiration. I hope to connect with all 3

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  2. You’re very welcome. I don’t know anything about writing… Sometimes stuff comes out, and then I write it… but what you just said, inspires me very much… how can I learn more about writing? Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this… I will let this sink in… somethings is happening inside me… thank you for this very much.

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  3. Oh it’s just my perspective on writing, I feel very honored to have inspired. I must admit I don’t know much either. I think that if your true to yourself with how you want to say something and you say it, your writing is a success. Also I think that it depends on what you want to do with your writing, are you telling a story, are you providing information, etc… However the best advice I have gotten was to read continously, and if you have something to say, ţwrite in a way that you would have loved to read it, if that makes sense

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  4. Well free verse gives so much freedom, not a puzzle at all, I think it really captures ones writing style and lets you fully express without any limitations. And speaking from my own experience vocabulary is everything because with the right word you can really turn something into gold, and if the style you are working on has limits to the words you use syllables and adjectives and so on it can be pretty hard to establish the feel you want your piece to have. For me I have to be a bit more focused for those. But ultimately I love all forms of writing, especially if I can complete them, it makes me feel more like a complete writer. Whatever that maybe 🙂 What about yourself do you have any styles that you love to write or that you stay away from?


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