Journal Entry No. 1 | 2016

It’s been a while, and I kinda slip in and slip out at will, I guess I have a problem with being consistent.  Ah well it is what it is.  Guess I have to accept that part about myself.  However, when I am on a roll I am on a roll.

Some of you that follow me, know that I spend a lot of time working on myself and that has taken me away from my post lately, but I am still writing even when I don’t post. You know its like when people say don’t speak about it be about it.  Well I had to be about some of the things I was thinking about previously, and happy to report that I accomplished a lot and still churning.

I remember one of my fellow bloggers telling me its not a rabbit race, so I took that with a  grain of salt, maybe some liquor and some music and started to feel myself a little bit.  We are all perfect in our imperfectness.

I just felt like writing a little words today, its a blizzard outside and I have no intentions of getting the shovel out tonight.  I will however get the cookbook out, burn some food and maybe see you soon.

I have thoughts of writing an about me page getting some new post up, or maybe I will just keep everything fresh we will see.

Well I hope you all have a good safe night and staying warm.  Look to be in touch shortly.


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