The Sage

Whenever it may strike
whatever infectious emotion spills

the poisonous onslaught of actions
slowly consume like vapors impairing transparency

blind and numb fighting for clarity
feelings erupt with volcanic identity

no telling when the rage of my reign will end
but with blood as my ink i squeeze, responding with each drop at will

carving out my words spelling out my fears
spewing my heart, waving my web, caught in the quicksand by a single venus flytrap

for there is comfort here
and if no one should feel my wrath

i can listen, even repair myself here
tempered form and weakened figure

i can digest myself here
sunken in solitude

i calm myself here
caution, reminders of lonliness resonate just right here

although with the turn of a page
my feelings today might end here

i have done more than learn about myself here
i have collected memories

left traces of values
and set foundations here

of what i believe and percieve
to be real

at a moments time just right here


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