Hey! Have you Heard?

Here we go! Put your thinkin’ caps on, pick a picture, and write about what that person (or critter) is learning or hearing about you! Easy-peasy, right? Phone-6

Photo Credit|https://promptlings.wordpress.com/2015/10/13/the-sandbox-writing-challenge-10-what-is-she-hearing-about-you/

Photo Credit|https://promptlings.wordpress.com/2015/10/13/the-sandbox-writing-challenge-10-what-is-she-hearing-about-you/

I like this picture because its of the President, a person supposedly suppose to run our country.  He is probably on the phone with someone from congress, trying to sell the latest and greatest issue.  The plot thickens, I can’t help but see myself right now, in the same position.  In the situation room trying to determine what is the next best move.  It would be nice if you could just sit around and let the world run itself because the people are genuine because all lives matter, sadly we have found in this world that this is not true not all lives matter not all things are dealt with in the best interest of all. Maybe just maybe that is why people become so much like an individual making decisions that are more about them, than for others.

Not sure if I got this post right, but I guess if someone was reading this they would find that I am continually trying to find a way to progress and make sure the rest of the people in my circle are able to keep up.

Here I am just trying to keep writing.


6 responses to “Hey! Have you Heard?

  1. Well I have to believe if folks were talking about you they’d be saying you were one of the few who DOES consider what’s best for all, for the greater good. You’re such a thinker, and you examine your feelings. It makes me wonder if anyone in our government is actually in that space in their lives. I would be interested to know! Nice job. And I was so happy to see your post, J!


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  3. Thanks so much for your response, I was having trouble with this I often wonder what those people from the outside looking in to the depth of my soul would say, I often wished they would say it to me. Your as good as the knowledge you hold, using it for the right purpose is another story all together

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