Getting Back To The Grind

I remember the days when I was young.  The thirst for adventure, way too dominant thoughts and actions of what it would take to be successful (oh the over confidence).  The sad thing, not much has changed in that aspect mentally.  What have changed though seems to be the drive to complete these said goals.  I remember being able to balance relationships and go after what I wanted 100% of the time.  Nowadays it seems to often that I let the smallest things defeat me. (mostly others)

I thought maybe it was me growing and doing what I had to do in order to make it (for the family, for the expectations).  I think when you look at it, we all have what we need to be successful.  Some will say its the money, either you have it or you don’t.  When you don’t that makes things a bit more difficult, however it does not mean you are not capable of making something happen.  After all, it only takes a spark to ignite a flame.  Sometimes, we let the view of what others believe is successful infect us with what we are trying to do.  Always falling into the lifestyle that someone else has laid before you.  And who came up with this vision?

If its not you, remember its your life and nobody could live it for you.  I have come to the realization that I’ve been lazy.  Sleeping on my own damn dreams and abilities.  When I was young I knew how to grind, I knew what I was grinding for.  Somehow I forgot how to grind, and justified it by, believing that everyone in the family was eating off of the work that I have done. (Even though I completely ignored the work that needed to be done for me)  It was work completed supporting some other man or woman’s dream.  And what about that of my own.  Its never over, and while the road may be tough, and you will certainly come across some difficulty, it is definitely you who is in charge of your own destiny and fate.

I always say believe in yourself, no test in school can measure your success, just knowledge as someone else knows it.  So in that respect I found out what was really missing.  If your not where you want to be by now, maybe its because your not doing enough.  You may be doing a lot, but if you have not made it to that point of what you define as success, maybe you simply need to do more.

I often tell those around me, in order to be better, we have to be better and do more.  And there is only one person who will be able to define and justify the actions you decide to undertake, complete and achieve.

Thanks for sticking around for my rant,  if you have anything extra to add.  Im all ears….I guess I should really say eyes to make sense of it all.

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5 responses to “Getting Back To The Grind

  1. Freedom is to choose what happens. Real freedom is to love what happens… All suffering comes from not accepting things or people (including ourselves) as they are. All suffering comes from resistance against what is. And, btw, why do we always want to change ourselves? (Or others)— Fix us? Work on us? Improve? Become better? I’d say, we are perfectly fine just the way we are. There is nothing to fix, nothing to improve, nothing to change. Relax. Breathe. Smile. The only thing we have to do is to stop all our mind masturbation hahahahaha…. Love you, J.

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  2. J, you are SO bloomin’ hard on yourself. Did it ever occur to you that if you’re having trouble making one dream come true it might be because it’s not the dream God/the Universe has for you? You might have your chickens all in one basket. Don’t forget to let them out to run around a little bit now and then. No telling what you might stumble on! {{{J}}}

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  3. I have thought of that, but I don’t think I have come close yet to putting my best foot forward. I get the feeling that Ive always had one foot in.


  4. Thanks so much for this Zareen. I suppose in my circumstance I haven’t even scratched the surface of just being. Real freedom is to love what happens, I love that. I struggle sometimes with the notion that I am what holds me back at times. I guess these are the pains of trying to live up to a standard that you don’t fully believe in but have some type of powerful feeling within the confines of that structure. One day hopefully I will get it 🙂 Thats why I have lovely minds like yours to help me stay on track! By the way love the mind masturbation line felt so good to read 🙂

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