Two Separate Journeys, One Flight

Hold Me tight
Like the hands of nature
invading space

I want to feel our energy
at a moment’s embrace
feel the bodies red juice flow through
heads down to the feet
I want us to feel life always

to hear the fragile heart
and its rhythmic beat
ushering plasma storms
for our bodies to breathe

I want to smell our natural scent
against a crescendo of wind
creating whirlwinds of our aroma
rebelliously taming membranes evanesce
for memory’s sake

Share with me in whole completeness
mornings, noons, and nights
journey with me, for life

I wanted to give a shout out to “Creative Talents Unleashed“, there was a poem posted today titled Sweet Somethings that inspired this thought for me. When you get a moment check it out. I hope you enjoyed the post as much as I have


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