At The Afterparty

Inspiration Call: Write a poem/short story using the phrase, “An American Pastime.”

A humble mix
shaped by an american pastime
sitting there, masking
pain pretending not to care
Our vulnerable outbreaks
abused by the white powder,
laced kaleidoscope strains, of liquid crystals & solid haze
Obscured and curious yet deadly and vain
for the glory and euphoria the toxins helped escape
for moments at a time, perhaps costing some part of self
that will always remain, the scars of life
oh the decisions made these days
to escape cerebral anguish


7 responses to “At The Afterparty

  1. Crazy, the things that happened in the past right. Especially compared to what goes on today. I wonder if we really learn from our mistakes. I know I’ve repeated a few of them, didn’t mean to though, I guess when you’re faced with something you resort to how you would originally have dealt with a particular situation it’s not always on your mind to correct the mistakes of your past. We expect to never be in that situation again… thanks for the comment. Much love.

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  2. We do learn from our mistakes, but we also get caught up in emotions and end up doing what FEELS good. Feelings can easily blind us from right and wrong.

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  3. “oh the decisions made these days to escape cerebral anguish”
    The sad thing is it’s not just drugs we choose. There’s alcohol, nicotine, food, sex, violence… Seems like an awful lot of the people in our world just to escape. So sad.

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  4. I know, I know when we retreat from our emotions mentally we can put ourselves in some pretty compromising situations. Thanks for your comment and understanding

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