I really Want that Bubble Jag Though

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).”

Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

What is the best dream you’ve ever had? Recount it for us in all its ethereal glory. If no dream stands out in your memory, recount your worst nightmare. Leave no frightening detail out.

I don’t exactly know if this goes for best dreams.  I don’t really dream much, or should I say remember what I dream of.  But there was one particular dream that I felt real good about.

I am travelling with my family we are in a hunter green Mercedes (not sure why its a Mercedes, I am a Jaguar type guy babeh).  My wife is into theater, modeling, dance etc…I don’t know where she is going or what she is going for but we pull up to a tall skyscraper type building, she gathers her belongings, says bye to the kids and heads up to what I assume a very successful part of her career.

And we’re off, we pull off listening to some of my favorite R&B mixes, the kids in the back are singing along, I got my hater blocking shades on feeling real good, and we roll up to the park, the kids are fanatic they jump out the car and immediately land in the sand box area, the merry-go-round spinning, the see-saw a dipping, we are all happy! I am working my camera, and notice all the other kids in the park gravitating towards my little ones and they all are having a grand time.

Some how we end up back in the car, and we pull up to a not small but quaint house, yards of grass spilling out in front of us, beautiful porch with tall post with great design and detail.  There’s two chairs a chaise and a bench swing and an end table, looking out at the trees and serene beauty of land, I sit down and pull out my pen ( I assume I am working on a great literary project)

Then I end up back in the car “not my bubble jag, still the Mercedes :(” and I am headed down the road, at some point the wife gets back in happy and flowering me affection and we stop to watch the sunset over the city as she tells me about her day and I about mine.  We just sit there talking, enjoying, paying attention to each other, each and every moment of time fulfilled as the sun kisses the sky good night and the clouds wrap around the moon as if we were in a movie. ( I guess I left the kids at home by themselves they never did it appear again, but I am sure they were in a good place)

Then it ends.  You know this dream, I have every once in a while and  I guess its all about what I envision for my/our happiness, whats odd to me is that besides the car I was content with doing what I love being with who I loved and enjoying the beauty of nature.  I guess it doesn’t take much to get me going, and I realize at this moment I really don’t need much to keep me happy.

Sometimes I guess we can get caught up in all the things that don’t matter, and miss out on all the things that are there right in front of us.  I really do want to get that bubble jag though.  Not for any reason particular, when I was young I had a strong desire for this car, I told myself one day before I die I would own one.  So I guess its just a personal marker for what I would like to have one day.  To judge myself and say I was able to have everything I ever wanted.  Right now I am just a Jag away 🙂  By far though this is the best recurring dream I have ever had.

Photo Credit| http://www.moibbk.com/images/jaguar-xjseries.jpg


3 responses to “I really Want that Bubble Jag Though

  1. oh the 1960’s XKE is a beauty, the big body sporty and classy at the same time. Now I am in love with the XJ model simply beautiful car.


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