The Billion Dollar Question

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “You’re a Winner!.”

You’re a Winner!

You’ve just won $1 billion dollars in the local lottery. You do not have to pay tax on your winnings. How will you spend the money?

To be honest I often fantasized about gaining such funding.  I admit I am a bit selfish so I would definitely settle my needs first.  Always an entrepreneur at heart I would create the business of my dreams,  I would tell you all about it, but I do believe in achieving first.  Like J.Cole  says “if they don’t know your dreams, they can’t shoot em down”  its a cole world out there folks so if you are easily manipulated by the opinions of others I would suggest showing them better than you tell them.

Then I would find a way to actually invest in my community.  A lot of people like to indicate whats not available in communities for youth so I think I would probably start there, making sure the children have an opportunity to learn, grow, and a safe place to play.  I would also sponsor a community block party.  I am originally from California and once a year in my community alone there was some type of huge block party where all the good citizens of the neighborhood would meet and greet, eat play and just be one with each other.  Since I have been in NY there has not been anything like it.  (that might be in the works when I really do make it)

Most of all, if I continue to have the spirit and the heart that I believe I have, most of all I would like to settle me and the family and then give back.  Opportunities are hard to come by, so giving another human the opportunity to create and build  to me is more priceless than being the most wealthy.  I can’t take that wealth with me, why not take part in creating a world that my children’s children would benefit.  I don’t know how we got so far away from that.  Even then I don’t think a billion dollars could sustain that type of endeavor but by investing in your own entrepreneurial spirit hopefully that will keep the funds floating around a while to support everyones dreams one person at a time.

If I do my part and you do yours, we could have a beautiful oasis.

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9 responses to “The Billion Dollar Question

  1. This is perfect. You’re right-you can’t take the money with you, but you can leave impressions on people. They’ll remember your kind heart and your good deeds. And your work will live on forever. These are the things that matter.

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  2. What a lovely post, J. One question… Block parties. We have them here, too. Is there any reason you have to wait to do that till you arrive? If you know even a FEW neighbors, why not just throw a potluck in the vicinity somewhere. It’s a place to start. Or are you saying the “climate” in the area isn’t conducive to even that?

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  3. Well I meant it on the sense where the festivities spirit was there the local churches food vendors home cooked areas almost like a small fair type of set up but I noticed they haven’t had anything like that here yet, it would just take coordination I live on a one way street and it’s the only one headed towards the main I agree though that is a start I should get some interested

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  4. Oh, coordinating is a different animal. That requires a lot of work to pull something like that off. Why not just start with getting to know a few of your neighbors till you’ve got a sufficient network to draw help from? Invite a couple families or something over for dessert some weekend. Nothing fancy. I hate complicated dinner parties. But pie and coffee is easily manageable. Do you have good friends near you? Does your wife life to have people over?


  5. Thanks so much! For the kind compliment and for coming by to check my blog out. Very much appreciated.


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