No Consent For Adoption

are unlike me.
We share not
history or resemblance.
My struggle lies not in hiding,
but standing
Yet my beginnings are hard to come by-erased
name & identity replaced.
Like a slave
emotions stir-I’ve been captured?
claimed as property,
and given a new race.
but they couldn’t change my face
mishaps in cleansing take place
with change rebirth is designed
yet thought retrieves incomplete forgotten memories
of what use to be.
Intent to move forward stunted
as mental notifications discover
the very elements of me
that have slowly been stripped away.
Who Am I-
What is my real given name


5 responses to “No Consent For Adoption

  1. Wow. That poem is quite deep and poignant. (I’ve seen that top picture somewhere, btw.) And while you are talking about slavery there, you open up a whole can of internal worms. What THINGS or PRACTICES or ADDICTIONS are we slave to in the same way? What THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS? This is one of those poems that needs discussion questions at the end for poetry groups. I think this is the best piece of work you’ve done. And the end was just right: “Who Am I-What is my real given name” Major piece of work here, J.

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  2. Thank you so much! I’m actually a bit relieved. I was not sure how some would view this. You have it absolutely right! I started this piece with the thought of adoption, and what the person being adopted must go through along their journey. Some aspects of that ideology seems similar to slavery for me as the slave had to adopt a whole other way of living and set of circumstances, but then upon looking up the definition,

    (: the act or process of adopting a child
    : the act or process of beginning to use something new or different
    : the act or process of giving official acceptance or approval to something)

    I had a thought of making something your own taking something in and accepting its culture. So to say the things we play slave to, really captures my thought process. That is the real intent of this poem. I thought that the photos (found on google images by the way) would help turn the conversation from adoption, to what we are forced to adopt, and as you say what things or practices or addictions we are slave to in the same way. I am so happy you picked that up. Even if you may be the only one. See this is why I love your feedback, it lets me know if I’m far or close 🙂


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