But, Your Supposed To Be My Forever

We do our damnedest to get noticed, by one.
Attention magically captured long enough to gain satisfaction
And then when we are one, we spend lifetimes feeling stuck
Not knowing who we are, or why now- all we feel is alone.

Photo Credit| https://scribbler.co/r/543e357a367918023b759504/lacuna


5 responses to “But, Your Supposed To Be My Forever

  1. Thanks for the comment, I was inspired by a poet I found on instagram talk I g about this subject, however I admire the way he was able to use minimal amount of words to send a message, make you think and invoke such a strong and sometimes uncomfortable emotion. I believe this style is called an epigram and I am trying to learn how to write as such my last two poems have been significantly shorter than my usual, I hope that I am close to the form. Really appreciate your comment it really helps 😁

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  2. I dropped out of Writing 201: Poetry when they did it here ’cause I sucked at all these poems, so I have NO clue close or not. LOL I just know it’s impactful. Sometime I’m discovering, it’s very true what you said. The few words, the more it hits you. I guess because you have to choose them so carefully. Jane Basil does some really good short ones, too. You’ve put a lot of work in this weekend, J. Wish I could drum up that much energy! ;(

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