Quote Sunday’s

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All I’ve been trying to say is

we place unbelievable tasks upon ourselves,
these expectations we uphold due to our experiences.
We trip and fall all over them,
and at the end of the day if we fail to meet our goal,
remember we are the ones that set and define them…
Ultimately the message is that if we create them we can change them.

I hope this quote haunts me throughout the work week, so that I can remember it is I that must be conquered.
Happy Sunday to all and hope you have a beautiful week.

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3 responses to “Quote Sunday’s

  1. I know what you’re saying about how our mind can hold us captive, sort of. Plato talks about that, too. But there’s still the matter of faith for me. You said: Sometimes we have to realize that we are the masters of our own journeys. I struggle with that. I find myself wondering where faith comes into play in our lives. (Though I do realize not every one subscribes to any kind of faith. For those of us who do, it causes us a bit of a quandary. Know what I mean?

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  2. Definitely, it is my faith that allows me to think that I define and make up what would make me happy sad or even mad. For me it is all because of my faith that I can say we are the masters of our own emotions, after all as a believer it is said that if you ask the Lord he will giveth, I always pray that when it is given, it is given in abundance. Oh I love your responses it not only helps me but others as well thanks my friend


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