Every once in a while
an opportunity strikes
to look beyond
noticing the beauty of natures mystique
resonating with being
causing the world to speak
a universal language connecting
all living things
a moments peace
of mind
& grace in listening

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4 responses to “Awareness

  1. I think your picture hit the nail on the head.The ideal for us individually is to come to that point where we make the shift from the glass being half empty to half full. Only then can we begin to feel gratitude, and only then are we filled with grace. Very meaningful poem.

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  2. Thank you, I really appreciate your comments on this. I was hoping someone would understand. A lot of people tell me at times my words are hard to understand but the sound good being read. Its a pleasure when someone can understand the style in which you write. Very much appreciated. This is sometimes what I struggle with as well, am I writing for my audience or for me.


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