Writing Tip: Form: Elegy

Learning new forms of writing has always been something that interest me. I hope you enjoy this as well, I must find a way and a subject to attempt this form šŸ™‚

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An elegy is a type of poem that is dedicated to the memory of someone or something special. They can be written about a loved one or an event that is surrounded by a feeling of tragedy or loss. This means that an elegy can be a very emotional piece to read or write.

The typical elegy is composed of three stages that reflect the three stages of grief:

ā€¢ The first stage is lament (or sorrow), where the poet captures the emotion of their initial moment of loss. You may wish to describe what is missing from the world now that your subject has departed. You may have regrets. Or you could describe the results of a tragedy.

ā€¢ The second stage is praise, where the poet admires or idolizes the subject. You may wish to celebrate how your subject will be remembered or what they did that madeā€¦

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