Landscaped Portraits

I am searching

For beauty

One that lies behind the lense

And the eye

Capturing the view of a lifetime

Connecting the visuals that spark

Emotions salivatory pleasures

To expand beyond the vision

And the word

To see the life of the living

And paying homage to the dead

Life is happening here

Has happened here

If the earth could paint pictures 

Or describe in words

all the horrors its seen 

the miraculous histories of all living things

I wonder what it would speak

Or how it would see

How will it choose to describe 

Natures among all inhabited things


The eyes of a lense

Could only capture the essence

Invoked and enriched

In our experience to notice

Views that we never considered before


2 responses to “Landscaped Portraits

  1. Your words when you talk about photography has a certain aliveness that is distinct to that part of your writing. It’s as if in seeing a potential picture you have the eyes to look beyond this present moment to backwards or forwards. That’s a great combination for writing.

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  2. Thanks so much for these kind words, the art of writing , photography, paintings and music all gives us depth to the different levels of life itself, I consider them keepsakes and something worth value. Even when we don’t understand.


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