Mirrored Ink

It hasn’t reached love yet
but I am sure its there.

spending massive amount of time lately
sharing minimal amounts of me

I am not sure if I even like you.
but the need is for you to like me

I never opened up to any one before
anxiety kills, what do you think of me?

I don’t know the last person I entrusted
twisted dark fantasies 808s and heartbreaks

spiraling emotions, dry humor and Sarcastic
approach to life.

Ive always cared, but noticed when those before
never cared back

Makes chance kinda awkward
trying a little bit harder

to share the whole sum of my soul
unconditional- uncharted

its real hard when you don’t know
if the page can handle

the mirrored ink
then again its just me

listening to the rhythm
of my thoughts

contemplate whether or not
I can be friend to a verse

or identity.


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