Expect Nothing

However broken
mock me if you must.
Look down on my soul
categorize my potential
and swallow my future goals.
Litter the streets with propaganda
where systemic threats start to mold.
Invisible chains become captive cages
too strong to hold-
improving minds blindfolding brilliance
yet no where to go
bold with abandoning control,
Could it be a simplistic design
one stuck between a dare and the truth of a dream
with only one place to grow.
Am I really all alone.


2 responses to “Expect Nothing

  1. You know, it’s easier to expect nothing, ’cause then we’re not disappointed. On the other hand, if we expect nothing, that’s probably exactly what we’ll get! Out does one sort that all out? Especially if we feel alone?

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  2. Its the difference between survival of the fittest. The weak minds won’t prevail. I finished reading a book by Nathan McCall holler if you hear me , an autobiography it inspired the work here. I do think that once you are constantly fed something that you don’t like, when you fall sometimes it’s easier to play into the idea of what others have placed on you no matter how genius you are

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