Driven By Fear

We don’t know
treasures of life.
Struggles surface
against humane beings-
Hypnotized by power
consuming control
digesting forced reigns of will
lost identities roam here
souls of angels and demons searching for their return
upon clipped wings they cry crippling destinies of fate
buckle and rebel, reveling in dismay.
Frustration echoes
histories mirror of calamity
destructive identity ensues at rapid pace
unfortunate souls grow heavy hearts
acts grow violent by the day
as we take front row seats
watching the world we create
set ablaze
in disbelief we tread in our sorrows
as if we did not see the smoke screen
and the horrendous smell of burnt
offerings crying out for help.



9 responses to “Driven By Fear

  1. Thats a great question that many have tried to solve. I guess it comes down to what people are going to or willing to sacrifice.

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