Taken For Granted

Photo Credit|Glenn Allen Sims, and Linda Celeste Sims, in Alvin Aileys Revelations| photo by Nan Melville

There was a time when I loved you.
And I don’t mean the physical sense, but a more complete                         version, one being driven by passion.

You completely filled me with an overwhelming substance,
so much that it overflowed
took on new lives-sharing aforementioned energy
with the world watching, I
sprinkled quintessential emotional matter
crop dusting all in my path.

Creating silver linings decorated with golden hooks
holding the worlds truth
together- suns, moons, planets and stars aligned, gift wrapped
by orbital enlightenment rings mysteries.

I handed you the constellation
behold the purity and essence of you and I
a reflective vision of you, me and forever

That was when I loved you.
When gifts were showered frequently, just because
or how the phones would never ring
while we were apart-because we were always on!
when your voice a perfect melody combined with my song.
Because of you I never wanted to be alone.

I called it fate, you contemplated destiny
if we were thousands of pieces all around the planets and earth
sure we would collect ourselves and fall in love all over again.

This is definitely when I loved you.
To see a tear drop from your face however sad
I could only see the beauty in your heart and with pleasure
held and embraced your soul, masked your fears
recognized your mood.

I became what you needed
me to be, and to mean
I wanted, or much more needed to be the reason
you could spread your wings.

That was the time I loved you.
Now time haunts us
leaves us with the memories
who are you, who are we
what did we use to be

We found a way to disconnect
ignore the simple things
We still sleep in the same bed
yet fall asleep individually

We move on through life in sync
but we miss the harmony.
I don’t know where it went
or how to get it back

I apologize for my part, but really
my focus is getting that foundation back.


3 responses to “Taken For Granted

  1. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about love and life and passion in the 43 years his lordship and I have been married, it’s that they are constantly in flux. Those emotions or lack of them seem to come in cycles. The important thing is to do exactly what you said, don’t give up. Keep searching for the firm foundation. I totally get where you’re coming from…

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  2. After listening to a few songs, reading other love post, I thought about how we take those for granted. I took a long look at myself and noted what I could do. I never realized how much time and convenience plays a part in the way that we communicate with those that we love. But I believe it can also transcend to all relationships that we have. Thanks for the comment. I had fun writing this, remember the beginning, and feeling a little disappointed about my short comings. Oh the humility. My teacher once told me that sometimes we have to dig deep to write these post. This is going to be a special one in a couple of years. Thanks for taking time to notice.


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