Violence Begets More Violence

While watching the news last night, Its becoming increasingly sick and alarming to see all of the violence being distributed across the world.  It’s almost like targets are placed on our young.  Troubling as it is, if it is not our adults it is easily seen with our youth.  This is very disappointing. These videos show a real dichotomy between police and the relationships being built within the community they work.

The use of force in an excessive manner, and or in such a way the community only taste hints of flavor/ problems at the tip of their tongues. Abuse of power/ authority has no place in a society where positions mean more than those that make up the community. There maybe some who have the privilege of not having to experience the fear and sadness that comes when such acts happen.

Who dares say-they cannot understand the rage, and the questioning suggestive tones, when parents are trying to figure out if family or friends are safe outdoors, or for a mother or father to be afraid of someone making the wrong decision and takes the life of innocence, we all make mistakes most of them shouldn’t cost us our lives. It really does seem like open season. Are we really letting the movies set our standards, its almost like we are accepting the Purge.  Killings of individuals that could have been prevented.

This goes for all races, but statistics show geographical locations and neighborhoods where these issues usually happen. It begs most to question if that is a coincidence.  I’ll let you look that up for yourself, the question though is who is protected and who are we enforcing protection for.

I will say that not all officers abuse authority, but not all black individuals are criminals.  Though we treat both as such.  A defense mechanism on both parts maybe, or perhaps years of misuse of policy.  I grew up thinking that police were honorable, they had a higher set of standards than most, as they are enforcing the law and building relationships with communities.  They have been around the block and have shaken hands with death on a few instances themselves.  Shouldn’t they then be experienced to know when something is necessary or not?

What hurts the most is, one day my brave daughter will face this world.  She has enough to worry about being a woman alone,  but now she has to worry about how authorities perceive her as well.  Wouldn’t this mean that the countless amounts of data showing us something is wrong be taken into consideration. A very real problem that must be figured out immediately.  A real fear for any father or mother, how can I protect my child from someone that is supposed to protect.

Your tax dollars, being contributed to a force that does not recognize your struggle, just walking down the street in the wrong skin, at the wrong place, at the wrong time.  Innocence doesn’t matter.  Lets not hold those accountable for all wrong doings.  Your position in society has always, well most of the time made the outcome very predictable, and the sad thing is we struggle to change it.  For some reason with everything in your face, on television, local news, magazines and even being heard through today’s music we still have not woken up.

Truth is we are so compelled to cover up our wrong doings and try to hide and manipulate others on what was right and what was wrong, instantly discrediting someone because of the past.  Which is fine if this was equal, yet so one sided.

If you think about it, you take any hungry animal and put them in a cage with other animals, what do you think will happen when the hunger does not subside.  We are the animals, the world is our cage, and everybody is fighting for  their need to eat.  Hungry and starved its interesting to see what will happen.  All I know is that when we think of wild life animals, lions, tigers, bears, and such with their backs against the wall they do what they do best attack, attack, attack, only the strong survive.

Is this what we really want.  The end of the news segment showed the police chief indicating that the answer is getting more officers out on the street.  I think before you put these officers on the street we need to understand the message this sends, the problem was not the officer not responding but how the officer was responding.

Who takes the time to train and really get an understanding on how to react in intense situations.  After all a soldier doesn’t go to war without thinking that there isn’t a possibility of death.  A soldier wishes that the task at hand would be a lot easier, but understands that its not and faces consequences.  I don’t believe it should be that much different in the streets.  We know what to expect and we understand that our life is on the line every night, we cant complain about what would make our job easier as this is what we signed up for.

We cant use the fear on any part to be acceptable in the way that we act.  Accountability is what we need.  How soon will we get it remains to be seen.


5 responses to “Violence Begets More Violence

  1. A marvellously written commentary on the late situation of abuse by police forces in the U.S. The situation is scandalous at the very least and as you say, the solutions proposed are no solutions. The greatest issue I believe lies among those who then use violent riots to “protest”. They put the entire society under risk and constantly unrighteously so perpetuate the unfair image of African Americans which is seen by many, at least by my view, as true in the U.S.

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  2. Thanks for your comment. Somehow we need to value the life of every person, if we can make that emotional commitment to care beyond our personal families, and care about the welfare of every one not just the brutal attacks but the hungry, the orphans, etc… I believe we can truly change the culture that has been perpetuating for centuries. Thank you for taking.g the time to read and voice your take.


  3. Exactly we need to find a way to care about more than our families, I always think this is the root of our issues. We only care if it’s happening to us and our families in a sense. Thanks for the comment

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  4. “If you think about it, you take any hungry animal and put them in a cage with other animals, what do you think will happen when the hunger does not subside. We are the animals, the world is our cage, and everybody is fighting for their need to eat.” I think you hit the nail on the head with that one statement right there. The world at large (not every individual because some of us DO know better) is exactly like that. It’s as if people are afraid someone is going to take their toys or something.

    Until humanity realizes if not really caring for OURSELVES if we’re not caring for our brothers, nothing much is going to change. But people are naive sheeple who would rather follow the media than common sense. Makes me wonder what would happen if we took away all forms of media fear pandering.


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