Sunday thoughts

Is it weird that I can sit down and listen to music all day, vibe out and just breathe.  Well it cant be that weird, but I spent the weekend in the house.  Collecting my thoughts.  This post was suppose to be yesterday but I enjoyed playing my playstation so much that I really neglected everything.  So I will put out two post today.  That is if  I can before the Finals game comes on at 8PM.

I tell you something that is weird, I love music and sometimes the vibe is just beautiful, calming, and puts me in the right creative space.  I don’t know what happens when I begin to listen to the lyrics, or when these lyrics actually starts talking to my soul, but whenever it does happen, it happens.  Normally the melodies that are created in this art are amazing and it just pulls me in.  I don’t know if I am in any mood, but I can always find a song to put on repeat and just let it ride.

Im listening to Jhene Aiko and she just gives me some good head space while I am writing, but while listening to one of her songs, “Comfort Inn Ending” it is extremely sad, and such a disrespectful story between lovers (I am at awe because we all have these disrespectful moments, that mean something to us and nothing to the other-guess that what people mean when they say relationships are hard work) I started thinking and attempting to pay attention to the music that takes me to my creative space and they are all neo soul, sad, or nostalgic love songs, or something pertaining to life, especially the visual arts such as paintings or movies, or performance art once you put one up against the other….its like a time bomb inside my mind goes crazy and takes on all forms of questions and randomness.

Case in point- I wanted to share this video of a spoken word poet, the song makes me feel like this:

and from that to this video

So much so that if we were trying to have a conversation over a dinner, a tea, whatever the case may be, it probably seems like I am just not listening to you, my mind latches on to ideas and, I am more than likely to talk about your issues and infuse questions that are randomly floating around my mind.  I never knew that about myself until right now, well I knew about my randomness but I just cant help or find a way to quiet it down.  My go to excuse is if you know me than you know im actually paying attention to you, its just sometimes my mind conflicts with what your going through and what ever is going through my head.  Most appreciate my randomness but there are those that find it disrespectful.  (sorry I dont know what to tell you: hint-just let me be great :))

I love hearing the trials of life, whether it be music, blogs, books, etc… I guess this is what generally makes writing difficult at times for me as- I just don’t want to repeat anything that has already been said.  I will if I can present it in a different way.  Not all people understand the concepts writers put together.  Which brings me to what I really want to say.

I am very strong on understanding a situation and what is going on.  People often believe that listening is understanding but it really is not.  I can go through the motions and listen, respond, etc…but it doesn’t really mean that a person understands the situation.  To me understanding is knowing how to be present at that place at that moment.  Understanding where the person sending you the message is coming from, and then on top of all that understanding that there really is not a right or wrong for anything there is what we’ve come to expect as right or wrong, but that all derives off of what we like and dont like right?

For instance I spent a lot of time being angry with a man, a man that was suppose to be a father, forgetting that he is human, he has his own issues whether I appreciate them or not, he did what he had to do for himself, and while I may not like it or his choices it doesn’t mean that he is not my father.  That absence taught me so much and might make me a better father, after all life is not a practice real things happen to real people.  Once we can understand this we can begin to prepare and rebuild what so many of us lose.

Realize that at this time, this is my opinion but as I grow, evolve and go through life this may change and that’s OK. We all have to learn how to understand, and be able to adjust to change.


3 responses to “Sunday thoughts

  1. “…life is not a practice real things happen to real people.” Yep. We don’t GET to practice, do we! But you touched on one thing that I think is about the most important thing in life — being fully present when you’re with someone, especially when you’re having a conversation. I know only a couple of people who have mastered that, and they make me feel like I’m the only other person on the planet when we’re talking. That’s how I want people to feel in a one-on-one with me. Great post. (What happened to your like button?)

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  2. Definitely not, we don’t get a retry in most instances. It’s funny though people sometimes think because you are not directly responding to comments but indirectly commenting and pushing the conversation, further they think your not dialed in. When in hindsight the birth of new thoughts are inspired by that which we speak. I’m sure you can see in my writing how random my mind works though. Love the comments, love hearing your feedback.


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