Todays Wandering Mind

I am moved by the energy about the room.  Its bad enough that I have enough of my own thoughts to consume.  I find most things interesting, wanting to learn the intricate movements like a dancer spilling out countless emotions on the floor.  An athlete in their prime, pushing themselves to the edge without remorse just to be great.  Let me be great.  I keep telling myself.

Fear of the unknown is as powerful a force to stop anyone.  How has it stopped you.  Sometimes you recognize this energy in someone else and it becomes you.  I guess being strong doesn’t have much to do with how much weight you can push in the weight room, maybe its all about finding the desire to push you.

How does a caterpillar feel in a room full of butterflies? does it wish to change, or does it wish to be what it will be. Accepting the change and adjustments as they come.

I once told someone that I am a very pleasant person to be around, no one will know if I desire their companionship. I use to be worried about others accepting mine,  I should have been thoughtful enough to wonder why I would choose to digest life with them for that short period of time.

Truth is I admire you, and I wish to peel the layers back. No make up or hairstyles, clothing that flatters your appearance, who are you.  The scary part is once you see who a person is you have a decision to make whether you like them or not.  Do you build or do you move on.  You see every one is not here for the season yet some are only here for the moments.

largeIf you have the opportunity to meet me at the right time and the right place where I can show you something about me, I hope that you will be able to appreciate the vibe and energy that I create. Embracing the moment is something I feel people so rarely do, I am not in competition with you, but just for a moment I would like to sit down with someone say hello figure out a topic and just build.

Say what you want, feel what you want, I just ask that you understand that what you feel and want are not the feelings and wants of everyone.  I want you to inspire me to want something different.  I don’t know if that’s before or after the want to feed and  inspire you or others to want something more.  I’m not talking about monetary gain, but out of yourself and out of life.

I really realize how much life is not promised. And a firm believer of you can be whoever you want to be why cant we focus on ways to be it.  I am still working on my story but my current mood- is wondering why people have such a hard time being.


7 responses to “Todays Wandering Mind

  1. You’re a deep thinker, aren’t you, JMD. Sometimes you bring up so many things for me to think about. Your question at the end of your piece, though, is one I often wonder about in relation to myself — why I have a hard time just being who I am. Maybe it’s ’cause it’s easier to be a human doing than a human being? Unless you’re talking about self-acceptance, and THAT’S a whole ‘nuther critter….

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  2. I like how you take stuff in, how you ponder and contemplate on things, reflect in consciousness and awareness… your words flow like golden honey through my mind, and the longer you write, the more “round” it becomes, the more it flows, the more it seems you don’t write anymore, this just is getting written, somehow by itself — life wants to express itself through you… sometimes it astounds me that so many people on this planet don’t like themselves (I don’t mean you), and they don’t even know, what that Self even is — I mean, I see so much self hatred in people, this really makes me sad… oh how do I like “You see every one is not here for the season yet some are only here for the moments.”.. and some can touch us deeper in such a moment and leave us with a bigger impact than others with whom we even spent seasons…

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  3. Queen Zareen, wow I feel so honored by your words. I’m humbled by your words and really thankful that mine can bring forth such thoughts. Your words will forever haunt me on my quest to become one of the best. I might add then I can take my place next to you all who are skillful with the computer keys, pens, and its ink I look forward in sharing these journeys with you.

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  4. It’s so good to know that you are confident and assured enough in yourself to no longer worry about whether people will accept your companionship or not. It’s so true. We need to focus on surrounding ourselves with people who will bring out the best in us and whose company is rewarding to us. Too often we waste time on negative energy and people who couldn’t care less… Quality is always better than quantity when it comes to fulfilling relationships with others 🙂 Really connected to this part of your post 🙂

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  5. Thanks so much for your comment it really means a lot to to see connections made with my post . I appreciate your comments and definitely agree sometimes we are so focused on how others perceive us that we lose or self in the hype of pleasing everyone but ourselves. I am real grateful for your connection and comments.

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  6. I don’t know if I’m a deep thinker , but I know our thoughts and how we get there are so complex that every once in a while we have to work through them the best way we can. I like what you said here though ” cause it’s easier to be a human doing than a human being” I couldn’t have said it better.


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