Getting Back

imgresIts been a while since I have written.  Well at least on my blog.  But it is time to make that transition back to posting.  A whole lot has happened, some tears, some laughs, basically life hits every day and we try our best to move along side it.

Hmmm….lets see a recap, we had a scare with my daughter, thought she was going through her first crisis.  Doctors are still baffled.  She has sickle cell anemia, and they are not sure if she had a crisis or a blocked salivary gland that caused her whole face to swell up. It really reminds you how much medicine and health is just a practice not something that is perfected.

The wife got into a masters program funded by the state. (How she do dat) sorta jealous but its amazing to see the passion that exudes from a person when they are in the area of life or should I say study that they were crafted for.  Amazing!  I am happy that I am along for the journey.    374468_10151337900440488_604377116_n

Due to the schooling situation, we had to get a day care involved.  Saddest day of my life, even though I was not giving my little lady away, it sure felt like it.  It takes everything in me not to call the care provider, oh lord please grant me the constant reminders that in some way shape or form this will be good for her.  After all we all want the best when it come to our reflections and extensions of us.

I actually realized how distant my thoughts are from the rest of the world, but oh so similar.  This will probably be written about later so I will not get into that mind frame at this time.imgres

Its all about the money and the fact that I don’t have enough of it.  I am sure the rest of the world will agree with me, well at least those that are not the top 5%.  I mean maybe even them, I have learned with each promotion I’ve always thought the money was enough but still chasing more.

Trying to get my  body right with these bend but don’t break flexibility yoga vids, then my mind right with the meditation, I need to find a way to slow everything down.  Its crazy when you  cant sleep because your thoughts are too loud and will not stop.  I guess when that happens you have to get up and start working on them.

Decided to go into business with my photography, not the best but its a practice. Check the instagram posted a few pics there let me know what you think.  The wedding I did really enjoyed the work I did, great for a confidence boost.  Will also work on another project but before I let you all in on that, thought i would do a bit of walking first and let that do the talking.

imagesWell I can go on and on but I am just getting back to the basics of continous writing  telling my stories. …sharing my joys and pain. Hmmm- I like that “my stories” maybe I will change the title of one of my categories.  Well if any of you were paying attention and noticed my vacation.  I will hopefully try to get this thing on and popping again.

What I really missed was reading all your thoughts, so inspiring and helpful.  Well hope to see you around.  Until then, live like there is no tomorrow




6 responses to “Getting Back

  1. Oh! Welcome back, far traveler! Thought you might show up sooner or later, but was beginning to wonder. Good to get caught up. Sorry to hear about the scare with your daughter. Things like that are a parent’s worst nightmare. Glad all is well. Must make it doubly difficult for you to put her in daycare I bet. And congrats to your wife. That’s a pretty big deal.

    Lack of sleep and lack of money… Hear ya. One wonders sometimes how much of either is enough. Really good to see you back, JMD!

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  2. Hi JMD, happy you’re back, I was missing you..!! Thanks for the up-date and sorry to hear about the scare with your daughter. Really good to see you’re back… and I do hope that life is treating you well and that it soon will let rain money over you… and may you get a lot of rest and sleep, we all need that so baldy. Love to you and your family *** ❤ Zareen

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  3. Thanks for checking in, had to muster up and get it going. Thanks for the love and I hope you feel me returning it two fold miss you guys too! And let the money rain commence on all of us

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  4. Thanks for your comment and checking in on me. I feel so loved that people missed my words and thoughts and my well being. It is truly a great feeling. I hope to get back to where I left off soon right now trying to focus a post a day until I really start to get ramped up. I missed you too!

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