Absolute Intentions

People say it all the time.
It’s not about me.
I urge you to reconsider,
we are in search of something-
something after the lords own heart.
Something to give
something to receive
knowing in the end
this shared existence
bares sacrifice of something more than
one’s own benefit or need
A gift so priceless
that its means are unfamiliar to hold
we harvest this strange fruit
take for granted its elements of
and confuse this passion with
known and unknown deeds
fulfilling emotional stability
mental and spiritual attachments
meanings, values, and expectations
it doesn’t ask for permission
nor does it need it
it will be the enemy you need it to be
best friend,or psychologist,
and most of all
it will continue
to forgive naive connotations
continue to feed your soul
continue to be what you need it to be
it will continue relentless
sometimes you’ll realize it
some times you won’t
this is the beauty of
unconditional volition


8 responses to “Absolute Intentions

  1. Hey dude. Is anyone having trouble posting on your blog? I tried to post last night and it wouldn’t accept it. Thought maybe I’d try on here.


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