No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper

It started as a very spiritually uplifting day.  I went to work feeling good, singing no weapon formed against me shall prosper.  Despite our whole infrastructure going down at work, and work needing to be done manually, which means backtracking and repeating work already done just to move forward-the slight annoyance was not enough to get me down.  After work I went home picked up my lady, (she was happy that I wasn’t tired, and I was happy to be spending time with the family) she had my little lady bundled up, we were going to the park for her very first experience with a swing.  Oh the smile she had on her face, this is one picture I’m thinking about sharing with the world, but don’t hold your breath, I really feel some type of way of sharing photos of my young one.  We will touch on that a little later on another post…maybe.

Anyhow after this wonderful delightful experience I decided, lets go to the store pick up the wife the Brookstone clusters that she absolutely loves and eats like popcorn.  For whatever reason she has been hooked on these chocolate covered berries, and I have been the only one to save her from eating the whole bag in one sitting in route from one destination to the next.

So while the wife went into the store, I decided to unbuckle my little lady and play with her.  No since in her being stuck in a car seat while we are waiting.  You see once you get my lady going into any kind of store even if its to get one item, she cant help her self.  She must peruse the isles just to fancy her interest, scouring the sales and the need to just make sure she does not want to spend any more money.  (Not that I cant spend a pretty penny too)

So back to me and the little lady in the car, we are sitting there enjoying daddy daughter time, she was actually full of life screaming clapping and saying dada (I don’t believe she knows what she’s saying yet, but I’ve been coaching :)) Nice to see a plan come together…

Totally oblivious to the outside world at this moment I feel the car move, followed by a scratching and a crunch sound.  I look up instantly and curl around my little lady, totally in survivor mode and then braced the door with one hand as I peer out the window.

I see a woman looking straight at me as she continues to back up into my vehicle, somewhere in that 10 second breath I no we shared a connection of eyes magnetized for a moment linking my subconscious with hysteria as I shouted with fear  and excuse my profanity “Bitch what are you thinking just stop the car”  in my other head I was so grateful that my baby girl (8 months now) was safe and sound.

The woman pulls her car forward and I am thinking we are going to have a chat.  Not an Irate one, one that will go over something like, hey are your ok, is everything fine…( I don’t know why some one would just hit you like that,) I would have told her don’t worry about it get home safe, I have insurance ill take care of mine if you take care of yours yada yada yada.  As I am getting ready to open my car door the woman speeds off.


Now I am giving you the exact thoughts as it goes through my head, I was totally not even upset at this time.  Only confused and astonished but as I Started this post, I said “no weapon formed against me shall prosper” and it didn’t, still with a tight grip on my little one I stand outside of my car in bewilderment the sound didn’t do the damage justice the car definitely wasn’t bruised that bad what a relief.

The lady come out of the store looking at me and my little one like we are a bandit of weirdo’s standing outside admiring the car when she realized she had definitely escaped danger by seconds.

I get home after we talk it over with the police, we filed a report for my insurance purposes and I started thinking how can someone not show any remorse, I had my daughter in my hands, the more I thought of what could have happened the more my present anger began to rise.  I felt like I didn’t even fight for my daughter (even though I really didn’t have to, I did give up myself to ensure her safety but I was feeling that was not enough)

So as I am slowly reaching my boiling point a thought came into my head out of no where.  Why are you so mad, your car is fine minus a few bumps and bruises, your daughter didn’t even know anything happened and you protected her the best way that you could, your wife missed the whole incident by seconds she was safe.  Everyone made it out alive.

At that realization I began praying for the woman that committed the hit and run, I don’t know what she was going through or what she was afraid of.  I don’t even know what she was running from, perhaps me.  I realized that she could have been reacting out of fear.  Accidents happen everyday, I thanked and praised god that we were alive both of us, all of us and I prayed that he would look after her.

I can’t be upset for being alive, for displaying the type of protection that I always wondered about.  In this moment I realized that I would protect this family with all I had, even my last breath if it could save them.  And although I was confused and astonished if I could have protected that other woman who ran off frightened I would.  What does this say about character.  I repeat again

“No weapon formed against me shall prosper”

I thank my angels for my insight, and I thank my family for carrying the burden of trusting me to protect them the best way that I know and with the best of my ability.  Every once in a while I struggle with identifying my purpose and if it is recognized, and every once in a while I will be given a mirror to reflect on my true worth and value to others around me.


9 responses to “No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper

  1. So glad that you are all just fine. That is an awesome song, Lord Show Me a Sign, DMX, right? I’m also glad to hear your attitude is much better about this by now than mine would be.

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  2. Good Lord! What a horrendous experience. Especially with you sitting there holding the baby. So many bad things could have happened. Thank God you were all safe. And J, I gotta say it takes a lot of character to respond to the situation the way you did. You’re quite a guy.


  3. I commend you for keeping true to your motto of the day, with a cool head, and a compassionate heart.
    It’s amazing to witness these sort of unsolicited acts of aggression and the most important you achieved, which is not to become a victim.
    It happens. And you reacted with wisdom and maturity. Kudos.

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  4. Whoa! Glad you and your Little Lady are okay and that your Lady and you were able to talk about what happened later that night. Sometimes, taking a step back rather than blowing up helps a lot, especially when you have a partner in life that will listen to your point of view.

    Sorry that your family’s precious moment of introducing Little Lady to the glorious swings of life was almost entirely ruined, but I’m glad to hear that at the end, you turned the event around by maintaining a positive vibe. “No weapon formed against you shall prosper,” if you do not feed it with negativity.

    I love your statement, ” And although I was confused and astonished if I could have protected that other woman who ran off frightened I would.” Definitely shows the character you possess as an individual in this world.

    As we know things could have turned out worse and thankfully, on this day, it was not you running from the worse sort of speak, but embracing the fact that life is truly showing signs that you, my friend, do have a purpose and are becoming one with yourself through the experiences you walk/run/drive/or park through. I salute you for being the better person! 🙂 I would’ve honestly, probably lost my cool real quick!

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  5. Yes it was quite the experience, I am truly learning the meaning of life and its importance. We can’t all be saints all the time, lord knows this much. But when we can understand and notice that we are all the same you’d be surprised about what you would let yourself get away with.

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  6. You know I like what you said here. Its really not about being a victim, perhaps just being. I don’t know what someone went through during their day, and I definitely want some one to appreciate my journey , I guess I can say that I am truly trying to practice what we all try so hard to preach.


  7. Thanks so much, yes exactly from DMX wonderful song, kind of gets the blood pumping. I can’t lie to you subconsciously my mind did wander to that place.

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  8. I tried to post on here last night but it wouldn’t post. I can’t remember what all I said except that it takes someone of exception character to think things through and react the way you did. You’re an awesome person, dude.


  9. You and your daughter had a very lucky escape!! I do believe a lot of the time it is fear that makes people drive off without facing what they’ve done, sometimes they’re just someone who can never face the fact that they do wrong. Sounds crazy, but there are a lot of people like that!

    But other times it can a be a lot more than that. I heard of a case where a driver drove away after causing a serious crash, they got caught in the end because their own car was badly damaged (the garage where she tried to get repairs done reported her to the police after hearing it on the news). It turned out the woman driving was taking medication that caused drowsiness, she shouldn’t have been driving at all, but she lived on her own in a fairly remote area. She had no-one to drive for her, to go into town and get food, so she took a risk. She drove off because she was frightened of losing her license which of course would have left her with no car, stuck in the country with no food. I’m not saying she should have been excused for her stupidity but life can be a lot more complicated for some than it seems on the surface. I hope the lady who crashed into you learns a serious lesson on how not to drive and not to behave. It’s good to hear you came out of it okay.

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