Night Photography

Something about the night lights as they reflect of the water, the parallel line of lights, the halo like glow that kisses nature is so beautiful to me.  These shots were all taken without a filter, playing with my Nikon D700

0  I will come back to see if I can get a sharper image but I really loved the look of these.  Hope you do too.


9 responses to “Night Photography

  1. Is that a starlight filter you’re using? We used to love to take pictures of the Christmas tree with one on. Beautiful pictures. They make a very attractive block since they’re all the same tone.

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  2. Nope no filters at all that is really just the lights beautiful glow. I was so happy that it came out as such. Just a regular zoom lens. Happy you enjoyed. I really did I think I can get them make them even more clear with a tripod and a longer exposure.

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  3. Oh, duh… Yeah. I see where you said no filters. It’s early, what can I say. The starlight filters make it look like there are stars on every point of light. They’re really cool to play with. For not using a tripod, you did really well. I kind of like them this way. Gives them a bit of a magical, misty affect.

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  4. I think it takes very unique people to live where you do. I’m pretty sure all the busy-ness would drive me nuts. And yet you seem to like solitude as well. it must make for a big of tug-of-war on your heart.

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  5. You know I like to be able to have a choice whether to be in solitude or the envy of bright lights . I guess I am a type of person that’s likes to be behind the scenes and still have the recognition of many different people who could enjoy my products if that makes sense at all. Can definitely be a tug of war at times.

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