I stand quietly

Heartfelt and enduring love of parents

Dirty, Naked & Happy

I stand quietly while you do somersaults on the bed as you aren’t being naughty, you are just trying to get your out of sync body under control.

I stand quietly by the toilet door every time you need to go, and come with you around the house, and sometimes even just across the room, because I know you can feel truly frightened when you are not near me.

I stand quietly at the supermarket checkout while everyone stares at you barking like a dog and blowing raspberries on my arms to cope with the buzzing lights.

I stand quietly while you tell the baffled shop owner that you are looking for shoes that feel hard like splintered wood because your skin can’t bear soft things.

I stand quietly when the attendant gives us scornful looks when I ask for the key to the disabled toilet because the hand dryer…

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2 responses to “I stand quietly

  1. That was really heart breaking. I have a cousin who has a Down Syndrome son who is now in his 30’s. Very hard for her to handle as he’s bigger than her. Her struggles with him are so much the same. She has poured her life into her child. That kind of commitment always blows me away. Thanks for posting that.

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  2. I can’t even imagine the strength these parents have. They take so much criticism from themselves and others. Yet they sit there silently for the child, amazing!


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