Dear Desiree

This month you turned eight months old. Wow the time flies,you know I was the second person to hold you. The first person was your doctor (Dr. Ulrika Holm) passed you right over to me. I was supposed to cut your umbilical cord, however with all your movement, the umbilical cord got wrapped around your neck, and for your safety they thought it best for Dad to sit back and watch. It was the most amazing experience I have ever witnessed. The strength of a woman, your mother, and my little miracle. I bet you just couldn’t wait to meet me. I was a bit nervous once you were here, it did not play out like the movies at all. In the movies babies come out crying immediately, you came out and we thought something was wrong, it took you a little while to cry. We were all worried and then your little squeaky cry came about, we were all relieved, by the time you got to dad you were quiet again, very laid back and observing the world around you. The nurse made a little bow on your cap to show that a beautiful Desiree was born.

August 1st at 8:46PM its amazing your mom was a champ, I couldn’t even begin to think of the pain she experienced, but she didn’t cry, scream, or even squeeze my hand so tight that it felt bones crushing. A few wimpers and you were introduced. I felt like a father instantly even though I didn’t know what a father was supposed to do. (we’ll get more into that later) You were 6 lbs 8 oz and 19 1/2 inches long

Months before you were born me and your mother were thinking of names, I really loved this song by Tony Toni Tone,

one of my favorite songs of all time. I wanted your name to be Daysia (not sure if thats the correct spelling) I thought I would be wandering around with you singing this song to you but your mother wanted your name to be Jasmine she had two other names (don’t worry they weren’t that important) but we came up with Desiree, you are supposed to have the accent marks but of course they couldn’t put that on your birth certificate don’t ask me why. You are of French Heritage,(The reason your name is Desiree Marie come from the French Heritage) Guyanese, Choctaw Indian, Brazilian, and African descent. At least that is what I know of from me and your mother. Im sure if we got a test done we might be even more mixed up. Marie is French as well but your middle name really comes from your grandmother on your mothers side, her middle name is Marie and your grandmother middle name came from your great grandmother whose first name is Marie.

Any how you will probably also wonder why I have roses with your letters, well thats because our last name means The Flower in French, so until we get to know the flowers you like I have decided to go with the rose, beautiful, strong, and vibrant all the things that you will become and more. I have decided to put a green rose because your birth month August stone is peridot, which is a beautiful light green. I do hope that you enjoy this color because I plan to buy you many things in this color based on that fact. It will be my signature for you 🙂

Until my next letter Desiree I hope you enjoyed the memory I will forever hold of your birth and I hope to one day discuss with your personally in more detail.

Love Always,

Jamarow Le Flore


2 responses to “Dear Desiree

  1. Thank you for taking the time to read, and appreciate. I only hope one day when she can take these letters seriously she will understand the love and a bit about her father.

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