From dusk till dawn feelings have
while I have not
others bathed in the shining of light
only I
observed the tenants of desires remains
hidden behind depths of shadows
dreaming of you
I in your place experiencing the fruits
inhaling the life as you do
yet here I am…wanting
possession, control, to be awakened
revived in the dying of the light
reliving the childhood fight
a runaway parent and ones striving to set it right
lost beginnings & feared endings
enshrouds mystery
of clear clouds and silver linings
yet I am to you
as the sun is to the earth
or as nature is to man made structures
admiring the beauty yet seeing its destruction
and I fear it will be so


7 responses to “Alone

  1. Exactly until … own the feeling and decide , that’s what I was going for anyway or to have an effect of the unknown who knows what will satisfy


  2. Well I’d say you pulled it off well then. Your words have a wonderful soulful and soothing feeling about them. Even when you’re feeling a little chaotic. That’s pretty cool.

    Liked by 1 person

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