Take me away with words
unknown concepts and creative spaces
the whole song and dance of innovative expressions

Let them purely permeate mind blossoming emotions
causing some invoking type
action stance reaction-

definitive in imaginations permanent rainbow arc
take me away with sounds
as I read aloud and dream

of delusional illusions
breathtaking visions of relentless dreams
enrolling in captivation explorative adventures

deviant art excavating past lives conjuring epic reels of
fresh life details answers and movement
having a voice to give a voice the lovely power of sound thought

take me away
from reality and plant ideals like seeds
create variations of possibility

Inspire sparks of imagination
lighting the tools succeed dream and create ones own
help me painlessly pour out my passion on paper, napkins, or my computer & iPad

Give me a your journey of
high purpose influential and motivating
filled images that only you can help develop

Until then
keep taking me away

countless others paving the way
sharing and uniting missions to
write and recreate


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