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Inspiration Call: * FLOW WRITING * Flow writing is practicing a stream of consciousness, learning to trust that no matter where you start, words will come to you. To start flow writing, look at this picture, the object is not important, just something that attracts your attention. Use the image as an opening to plunge into writing, then allow your thoughts to free-associate and you jot them down as they occur.

Tip from: Life’s Companion Journal Writing as a Spiritual Quest. Author Christina Baldwin

Travel has been something that I have always wanted to do. Pilgrimage through some country foreign to me. Experience life, the air, being free to admire the nature of another country another way of life. However, I claim that responsibilities are getting in the way. I guess really I just need my family to get on the same page, grab some backpacks and lets get it.

This year I won’t have the funds to go around the world and marvel at all the things that I have only seen through images on the internet or books. I must admit that my imagination is always better than the likes of reality. (I guess thats what imaginations are for)

I guess I am bit weird because I just want to have my feet touch the same ground as some of histories most notorious figures. Maybe even leave a mark.

Any how back to not having the funds, this year I am going to do my best to travel my countryside and explore. You know its weird you live your life with a certain amount of goals set before you, well most do to be politically correct, but why do we forget to live.

I don’t want to become slave to my belongings, I would much prefer them becoming slaves to me. So far the only thing that does that is my music, I can control it turn it on off when I want to. Select the song for the mood I am in and just tune out. Just about everything else I have asks me if I want to keep it on. Lights always asking me to pay for it, gas and electric, vehicle is like are you going to put gas in me are you going to keep me-make that payment, I almost wish that I had a bike, but I love the convenience and comfort of a cars plush seats and ac.

But If I could travel anywhere I would love to take my wife to France, Italy, Greenland & Iceland. I can keep going maybe one of these days Ill surprise her and have tickets for the family.

Most of all I want to just live and as far as I am concerned that doesn’t cost a thing. I just want a simple life with what I think are simple things. Good friends, good music, good food, nice house, happy family, and a satisfying job/career/businessman.

You never know though I still have a lot of blessings to look out for. And I pray that you do too!


8 responses to “Inspiration Call| Flow Writing| Creative Talents Unleashed

  1. What makes this post so beautiful is that you want to share your dreams with your family. remember that there are those across the world that re praying to see what you take for granted. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. I have this book. It’s all marked up. It’s one of my favorites. And this is exactly the way I journal in my private, hand-written journal.

    Your desire to have your feet touch places where famous figures have been? I SO know that feeling. Though for me it’s often famous events as well. I’ve always wanted to touch a pyramid, walk along the Via Dela Rosa in Jerusalem, stand in the middle of Stonehenge. There are so few places we can do that here because we live in such a “young” country.

    But I have to say that Gettysburg was one of those places for me. I can’t begin to explain how the hair stood up on the back of my neck there on the battlefield and how the whispers of those dead spirits fell on my ears. It was quite a spiritual visit for me. In fact, maybe I’ll pull out the poem I scribbled while I was there and post it.

    So don’t give up on finding that kind of thing in this country. I guess we just have to look a little bit harder. Boston was good for that, standing on the cobblestone street outside Paul Revere’s home. And Plimoth Plantation (as it was spelled back then) was another place I found quite “stretching.” Haven’t explored the west coast as much though we live a heck of a lot closer.

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  3. That is definitely amazing right! I’m right there with you maybe I’ll get a chance to check out Gettysburg always wanted to go.


  4. That is very true, I am starting to notice this in fact. I’be had many pleasures of taking things for granted if you live you definitely will learn.

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