Dear Desiree

If you are reading this it  means one of two things.  You are busting out the archives, reliving the memories of your father.  Or I have passed and you are trying to connect with me some how.  If it is the latter please remember that I am always and forever with you.  It may be through another dimension, but I will always be with you in heart, mind, and spirit.  Please celebrate my life, for there is nothing to mourn about it.  I have survived, I have achieved.  I will travel across many moons and many suns to be with you in many forms, just not the physical.  It may sound creepy, I mean it sounds that way as I am writing, but I hope that you understand the sentiment.

Hopefully you will know that I am very fond of the written language.  So much so that I have decided moving forward, I would create letters  especially for you.  The purpose, I want to make sure that you know me from my own words and my own experiences.  When I was young I didn’t have half the mind-frame of learning who my family was, how we became-they became.  I’ve been very interested in our ancestry I wish I had a better road map for you, but one day you will have children and if I do a good job of recording who I am and who your mother is (to me) grand parents and such, you will have the honor and dignity of carrying your name. I Desiree am surviving through you.

I don’t want to get into much detail now, you will have plenty of letters that follow chronicling my existence, people I’ve met those who have taught me, for now I want you to know that whatever you may be going through in life, love,  and family be sure to own it.  You cannot turn back the hands of time and correct something.  Be confident in what you do and do not let any one deter you from your ultimate goals, if you want to do something, be something, don’t ask for permission, do it period.  It is never to late to be who you want to be.

Love Always

Your Father
Jamarow S. Le Flore


5 responses to “Dear Desiree

  1. That’s beautiful and a terrific idea. We wrote letters to our two kids every Christmas chronicling their life through the year. We kept them all together in a box, then they each got their box the night before their wedding. Our daughter gobbled hers up. Our son read the first one and fell apart. Who knew? Oh DO keep up with the letters, even if they’re short. They will be such a gift to your daughter someday.

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  2. I am thinking of having a hand written version as well, I’ll have this digital representation in case a fire or archives. Hopefully she will never have to forget who I was, am, and becoming.

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