Celebrating Again

Take me to a place.
Filled full of fantasy,
dreams & exonerated ecstasy.

Our first meeting
we began creating magnetic sparks.

Filtered excite blue flames cackling beneath skin
driving heart beats inspired movements crazy
wildly intertwined in the dancing

in and out of time
Loudly casting out fears proclaiming
the reign of solemn tears &

Forgotten feelings of pain-end.
Ushering in climactic chivalry
lasting morning, noon and night.

Give us sage to eat
experiences to feel while feeding
as we watch refreshed life digest

loves span.
subliminal cerebral extract expand
blossoming like flowers

with the sun’s dew diligence
You give me a world unimaginable
with sustained wishes and intent

to create this feeling repetitiously
all over again
and again.


12 responses to “Celebrating Again

  1. Thanks my friend I think I finally got a hold on balancing time and everything else along with it. Now I just have to get back to relaxing and reading all these blogger works . Feels nice to have my words missed. 😁

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  2. Thanks, I feel real blessed to be one of the few able to celebrate again, don’t know if it’s me or her but our beginning lives here and I pray that it continues. Thanks for the comment

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