Writing Tip: Begin With What You Know

When you think that there is nothing left to write about, and your stuck just wanting to write something but not anything, This is a great tip to get you going. Write what you know!

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Writing Tip: Begin With What You Know

As writers, we always sound more confident when we have in depth knowledge of what we are discussing, whether we are writing an essay on religion, a love poem or a story about World War I. It may seem like an obvious point, but you may be surprised by the multitude of things you understand or have experienced that you can write about.

Are you or have you studied something that completely animates you? Teach me about it. Take that subject and show me your enthusiasm for it through your writing. As a reader, I am always more excited about poems and stories on subjects that I can tell the writer has a deep passion for.

Think about music or imagery that moves you. You can use something you’ve seen while you’re out walking, like a beautiful sunset, or shopping, like a man…

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