Writing Tip: Is There Such a Thing as Writer’s Block?

Writers block hits like a phantom in the night if you get stuck, something to help maybe if you should be so lucky

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Writing Tip: Is There Such a Thing as Writer’s Block?

I think I have debated with other writers long enough…
So is there such a thing as writer’s block … or no?

I’ve heard it about a thousand times “There is not!!!”, and of course me and my experience and tons of experience that said to them in correspondence…”Yes, oh yes there is!!!”

There are so many type of writers and to each of them an inspired notion. For a writer who draws from creativity… the possibilities are endless…. and to those of us who writes from emotions, to inspire, uplift, help… etc. or seemingly unorthodox reasons, we are stuck inside those limiting feelings or expressions… But oh wait!!! Here comes the theory!

The “other” (other than creative) writer has an additional coin in its pocket. For anyone who deems themselves a writer… thriving inside of them is a passion……

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3 responses to “Writing Tip: Is There Such a Thing as Writer’s Block?

  1. Yeah, I don’t think there’s really writer’s block. Most people who write can do anything if you just give them a topic. Even if it’s just a paragraph. I think what’s lacking is a direction or a goal. Just my opinion.

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  2. I’ve found I can get on here with nothing at all to say. Then after reading a few blogs something pops up. I know in Blogging 101 they talked about the importance of reading a lot. I guess that’s why.

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