Start-Up Ideas

Now that your thinking about starting your own business. Branding yourself, your vision,  into a full functioning business, leaves a lot to be discussed.  The road will not be easy, though parts of it will be a breeze.  Mostly everyone will first decide to ramp up on a little research.  Now this research is not to discourage you.  We have people for that. Friends, some family, some stragglers,  will all try to push there unwanted .02 cents, testing your very determination.  Talks of the market, business climate, all sorts of things that are important to know, but very discouraging if you do not do your research.  Remember at one point every entrepreneur was told that their idea wouldn’t work, all you need to do is find one way to make it work.  The only way to do that is to dive in and make those mistakes learn why they didn’t work  become expert in your craft.  Don’t be afraid to build,  They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, and if your religious it certainly didn’t take god one day (although I believe if he wanted to even that could’ve been done)  However, be prepared for others to discourage you even in the smallest ways and this is what I found to be the first obstacle to overcome.

Personally I do not share my projects so openly, at this point when I do decide to make a move nothing anyone can say or do will change what I have set my mind on.  J.Cole (Hip-Hop artist) says “if they don’t know your dreams they can’t shut them down.” I learned from that line that if you can’t go for what you believe in why even attempt to go for it at all.

The whole idea of becoming a business owner has to be something you want though.  You are the sole representative of your dream, all the risk, success and responsibility for everything lies with you. So make sure your up for the challenge, make your mistakes learn from them and survive it’s something you have been born with, your still here after all right.  You are the one writing the checks and making all the decisions, setting the stage and company culture.  But even if you find yourself out of your depth you can always find someone competent to either advise and or place someone in the position to help you where you lack specific knowledge. Keep up all the hard work.


2 responses to “Start-Up Ideas

  1. I agree that an entrepreneur has to walk between a dogged persistence and self belief without neglecting information that comes from outside. A writer is an entrepreneur too. But there is a big difference between an entrepreneur and a successful businessman/woman.

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  2. Yes do not neglect the business aspect but in the infancy of a start up it is very easy to let the negatives get to you. If you are not prepared to take comments and if you are easily persuaded I think maybe one should re think. But you are absolutely right there is a big, big , difference between the entrepreneur and a successful businessman or woman. But do keep in mind success is defined by the businessman or owner. Some want the money, some want the longevity, some want to share and get a message out. So if you stand by your identity this too can vary.


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