It’s Still You

I want to take you back
to the hieroglyphics, stained glass windows,
gold and brass trim.
A vintage fires cackling desire, avant-garde
tribal-ancestral, archaic flame of descent
undying perennial ravenous delights
illuminating our metaphor of
Solomon’s temple.
The conjuring lapse of time between elements
upon graduated minds
bound purpose and compound thoughts
of old alchemy ashes
a phoenix rebirth
souls traveling the centuries
enamored to find
what was once in grasp
distance cannot relinquish the purest of connections
nor the seas disturb our carved impressions and symbols
or death sever our ties
forever entwined among many moons
and beautiful sunsets
My promise to find you always resides
in the heartbeat of earths existence.
Where loves promise
is still and forever has been
only with you.


10 responses to “It’s Still You

  1. Keeping the dogs off. Working through some stuff in me. That lady poet you posted killed it. I work with kids. Black and white rural and mostly poor. I am going to let some of them listen to that. Do you do the spoken word thing?

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  2. Thanks so happy you felt that, exactly what I wanted to convey deep rooted emotions really appreciate you picking that up, love just keeps growing even to the point where the meaning becomes even more deeply rooted than the words


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