For The Show

I bet it’s all for show,
you, me, we…
we’re tell a vision
because it all seems like game to me
just semen cursed, birthed and conditioned
to manifest manipulations for all to watch and see
nip tuck and pull, inject pump and flatter
false idols and lost bibles sound off
you too can be like me
something other than the lord made
hand maids by man made thoughts of
shapely fantasies
I see
you think your better than me
your money got you all puffed up
I just wanted you to speak
be free
I struggle with
deadly sins daily
I notice not the temptation of
3+3 three times me failing
to fit in
I’m talking about being ok
to be ok with me
I’m talking about the boy
materializing his belongings to satisfy
longings of
who still thinks a dick
is the only night stick that makes rape
feel like the most painful pleasures robbing
her of mind body and soul
Im speaking on you
being false
aggravate change
manipulate strings
that will gain you objectified
personal means
lost beneath the light in the great ceiling
they say you are what you eat
you are what you see
you are a piece of the people you meet
we’re part of the tree
the apple that holds knowledge
to see you as you
and me as me
Am i the difference of Adam
and you Eve
because it seems we are faced constantly
with that strange fruit hanging from tree’s
inviting a world of paradise only few have gotten to see
In the end I am thinking about
you being you
me being me
and being satisfied to live free
without the care of knowing what
any one thinks
there is nothing more important than finding yourself
nor painful in denying yourself
who are we trying to be


4 responses to “For The Show

  1. I used to live in California, and if ever there were people who are man made, you can find them there. Superficial and false. The tree of knowledge and sin and paradise lost and the pain it inflicts. Some of this poem was raw and real. The longing to be free, to find oneself, and not deny who we are! Yes. Is it possible? I hope so!


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